Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Bottles

When you peruse the aisles of your local department store and search for baby bottles, its easy to become confused. I am a visual shopper. I admit, I buy things because they are visually appealing. Yes, I will buy green bars of soap and bottles of body wash because they match my bathroom decor. Its no different with baby bottles. I want the pretty bottles. Nevertheless, after several weeks of suffering through colic with my daughter, I was desperate for anything that would help.

My friend recommended that we try Dr. Brown's bottles. I was bummed because they are very ordinary looking. No pretty little decals, no appealing colors, and they are a booger to wash. They have a plastic insert that comes apart and you have to scrub it with this tiny little brush. Even at that, I still have to boil them frequently to get out all the little cruddies that hide in the cracks.

Nevertherless, we were desperate to try anything. We suffered night after night with a screaming, colicky baby, and Dr. Brown's brought us peace.
Dr. Brown's can be bought in a three pack for about $10. The vent inside eliminates any air that might get trapped. This system is much more effective than the Playtex bottles with bags we used with my son.

If your baby is fussy and gassy, please give Dr. Brown's a try!

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