Friday, June 19, 2009

Inside summer fun

Summer is an exciting time for everyone, especially the little ones. My son loves to play in the pool. It is killing him that he can't hit the pool right now because he has been sick, so we decided to do some fun things instead. Here are some of our ideas.
First of all, we decided to have a beach party inside. We dressed in swim attire, and decorated an area in our house with all the beach themed objects we could find (beach balls, shovel, umbrella, beach towels, water bottles, etc.) We found some books about the beach in our library and took turns reading them to each other. Then we told our own stories about the beach, water, etc. If we were homeschooling at this time (we're out for the summer), we would go ahead and write these stories on paper and publish them. We then played some board games, and ate a sandwich on our "beach".
We had fun, but most of all, we just enjoyed spending time together.