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Sep 10, 2009

Dog story (from the winter)

A Tale of Two (Stupid) Dogs...(Jellyfish insisted I post this)

Me (Laurie)- 5 months pregnant
Jada- large black lab
Savannah- HUGE English Mastiff

Date & Location:
December 2008, our house

Once upon a time, very early in the morning, I was sleeping peacefully in my bed. My husband had left for work and I had the bed to myself finally. The annoying sound of the phone filled the air. My neighbor Angie was calling to tell me MY dogs were out. I was not happy to be awakened. I jumped up, got dressed, and hollered for them; they were no where in sight. I finally saw them cross the front yard. They followed me to their pen (did I mention it’s freezing outside?). I could not see any place they could have gotten out. The gate was secure. I went back into the house.

I watched them walking around the pen sniffing. "Where was it we got out?" Says Savannah. "Sniff, sniff, sniff... says Jada.

Then the smaller one, Jada, walks over to the back of the fence and puts her paws up on the fence. I'm thinking, "no way." She jumps her little rumpus right over the fence and into there area between Bill's (our other neighbor) shed and the fence. The area is filled with weeds and junk. She is gone!

I called my dad to come and help me, as I am already cold and exhausted. We tied Jada inside the pen with a chain, so that she would be stuck inside the pen. We could think of no other way they could escape.

Low and behold, about ten minutes later, I looked out and Jada is hanging in the air by her pink collar. Apparently, the chain was long enough to reach the place in the fence she had jumped over before. And the stupid thing had jumped, collar and all. I panicked. I could imagine my mean husband's reaction when I told him our dog had committed suicide. Fortunately (for the dog, not me), she was able to wriggle and slide out of her collar to freedom. She went to our other neighbor’s yard to the east and I talked to her over to the fence. I finally got her back into the yard. My dad came back again and shortened the chain and tightened her collar.

The counselor says to keep all sharp objects and pills away from Jada until she recovers from her suicidal tendencies. She’ll be lucky if I don’t kill her myself first.

To be continued…

Nonfiction (this is a true story)

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