Monday, March 15, 2010

Mundane Mondays

We are at that point in the year, that we are ready to be done!  Our textbooks, which were exciting at the beginning of the year, have worn out their welcome.  The excitement of learning new things is sometimes superceded by our tiring routine.  What would I do without all the homeschool blogging moms who inspire me to make a change??? 

At this point, I'm not sure what that change will be, but it has to get us (yes, me too) through the middle of May, when we are officially out on summer vacation.  We may do another lapbook, J loves those, but again even those get a little mundane.  J loves reading, so we are doing read alouds now.  That is his all-time favorite thing.  I often hear, "Please read another chapter, Mom."  He is also reading Pilgrims Progress on his own, and he is so excited!  I'm excited that he's reading the books I read when I was his age, and enjoying them just as much as I did. 

Books are fun!

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