Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Buy or Not to Buy

Necessaries...(Please buy these things before you give birth)

*Diapers & Wipes
*Bottles (Find out what I recommend here)
*Pacifiers (these are soooo cute!)
*Blankets (even if its June)
*Carseat (you will not leave the hospital if you don't have one)
*Lots of clothes (especially sleepers & onesies)
*Medicines (Tylenol, Desitin, Mylecon)
*Diaper bag (optional-you'll get a free one in the hospital)

Somewhat Necessaries...
*Baby bed & accessories
*Chest or dresser for holding babies things
*Swing/bouncer(learn about the Boppy)
*Nail clippers, brush
*Burp cloths (I use cloth diapers)
*More clothes

Frills & Extras
*Paci holders
*hair bows (girls only please)
*Changing table
*Diaper Depot (love this)
*Small Toys (mobile, rattlers)

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