Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where have I been?

Apparently, the spring cleaning bug bit me.  I have been cleaning every smidgett of the house.  No room or cubby hole is spared.  I even had my husband bring in tubs from the shed so I could go through them.  I have been going through my workbooks and other things from when I taught school.  I knew there was stuff I could use for homeschooling my son, but I just had stuck them soooo far away, I could never find them. 

So, is my house clean now?  Parts of it.  It seems like I am just rearranging my junk.  I clean out one closet, and move it to another.  So I'm not sure I'm really making progress.  I did find some old teacher magazines which are always fun and inspiring to read.  I found some units for my son which I may use next year.  All in all, at least I know where everything is now.

What else?  My computer got a virus.  I am using an old computer until I get the virus wiped.  I miss my computer! 

I am on a health kick right now.  I'm doing 10 minute workouts in the morning, and trying to eat a little healthier.  Nothing major, just portion control and fewer calories.

My baby turns one year old this week.  I'm so bummed that a year can pass so quickly.  So excited at the new things she learns every day.  Today I caught her doing laundry.  She was putting clothes in the washer and taking them out.  Then she just closed the door. 

Spring has peaked its nose in the door, and now I expect it everyday.  I'm ready to see flowers blooming and trees budding.  I'm ready to (watch my husband) plant the garden.  Yes, he is the green thumb in the family. 

I love spring!!!

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