Monday, April 05, 2010

Good Story Books Review

     In our home, reading is a common sight.  You might see someone curled up in bed with a book, you might notice our bookshelves are bulging with books and magazines of all sorts, and I even once caught my son trying to ride his bike and read simultaneously (which definitely would not work for my clumsy child).

My husband did not grow up reading for fun, and doesn't quite understand the thrill.  I'm so glad I can share my obsession of reading with my eight year old son.  

After watching the first Good Story video about Ooboo, the prince of bear heaven, my son said, "Can I watch another one?"   I was shocked, not because he enjoyed the book, as I said before, he loves reading.  But this was at the end of our homeschool day, after he had already heard a read aloud, and read in virtually every single subject. Usually by this time, he is about to burst thinking of all of the things he could be doing (besides school work).  I talked him into waiting until the following day, but it was not easy. 
These stories are adventurous, which my imaginitive little boy is ALL about! 

"Mom, people should just get along; it don't matter if they're not the same," my eight year old's comment after listening to Ooboo's story.  Spoken from the lips of a child.  I guess he understood the moral of the story! 

There are lots of extras, like printable coloring sheets, crafts, and posters.

There are several stories online and ready, and many more to come.  The price is great (and no, I don't get royalties for recommending them).  For $20, you get 14 stories, and all the extras.  

I would recommend these stories for a fun, educational reprieve from the norm.  These stories would supplement and reinforce comprehension and oral reading skills.  The add ons also offer flashcards and other activities for word work.  The stories would be great practice for listening comprehension as well. 

You can buy the whole gift pack of books, or try just one for about $5.00.  

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