Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"Living With Confidence" Book Review

“Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World” by David Jeremiah is a book filled with advice to Christians concerning the end times.  There are ten chapters that tell us how to react and live in these perilous times.  This book is a sequel or follow-up to “What in the World is Going On.”  Dr. David Jeremiah is a reputable voice in the TV and Radio world with his show “Turning Point” which has many listeners.  I had high expectations knowing Dr. Jeremiah’s reputation. 

The book is filled with analogies and stories which reinforce his teachings to “stay calm, stay compassionate, etc.”  I enjoyed these little stories and felt they were actually the best part of the book.  To be honest, once I got past the first few chapters, I really had trouble keeping my mind focused on the book.  It got a little boring.  The most disappointing part was Dr. Jeremiah’s use of so many versions (or perversions) of the Bible.  As I started reading the book, I knew it would not be a King James only book, and I was willing to look past that somewhat.  BUT when Dr. Jeremiah quoted from the Message as if it were an actual Bible:  that was it for me. 
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So, nothing new really in this book.  If you need a reminder of lessons you've already learned about not stressing out when things all around us are chaotic, AND if you can look past the ludicrous use of Bible versions...then this book is for you!!!

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