Friday, December 03, 2010

Using the computer in homeschool

Enjoying math...Yeah right!
Having access to the internet can turn your homeschool world upside down! There are so many great you folks in the blog world would know. It's especially wonderful if each child has their own computer to work on...but that's not always possible. I have realized in the last year how much my son has missed by not having his own computer. I work from home (on the internet), so I use (hog) our main computer, add in this blog, tons of email, photo storage, etc., Jellyfish never gets the computer.  So, we are in the process of hooking up his own computer. Here are some tips for using the computer in your homeschool.

1. Set up some basic rules(respect the equipment, Stay on sites given by teacher, don't give personal info., etc.).
2. Add programs that are easy for your student to use.
3. Give your child a list of acceptable sites when on the internet such as these.
4. Invest in a good security system such as Norton or AVG.
5. Use a program such as Dance Mat Typing to improve typing skills (see what we use here).
6. Don't stress out and try to incorporate the computer into EVERY subject...EVERY day...sometimes an old-fashioned worksheet or game is more effective.
7. Use parental controls (some are built into programs such as Vista or XP).
8. Talk to your child and warn them that the internet is not always a good place...they should beware that bad people are on the internet too.

Below are some websites which will help you incorporate the internet into your school work. There are many more, but these are just a few that I'm familiar with: 
Teacher Tube
Homeschool Channel
Teacher's Domain
Google for Educators
I Keep Bookmarks *great place to store links & bookmarks
YouTube (one of our favorites)
Discovery Learning
Google Books (many books are free...or you can see a sample of the book before you make purchase)

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