Thursday, January 27, 2011

Save the Date...ahhh! Romance!

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Yes...I am one of those girls who likes romance. My husband makes fun of me to no end. I groan when he forwards through the mushy parts in movies. I always pay him back by making him watch one of my "chick flicks", as he calls them. 

Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones is a romance about two 20-somethings that seem to be opposites. Lucy is a selfless soul who is trying to save her girl's home which gives homeless girls a place to stay. Alex is a grieving, former football player turned politician doing everything possible to win the election. Lucy & Alex face an ethical dilemma that ultimately brings them together. They overcome problems, personalities, and opinions to make it work. The story has a great message of putting God first in life. You will be introduced to some interesting characters, such as Mrs. Clare Deveraux, a wealthy Charleston woman, who has recently accepted Jesus into her heart. There are some pretty funny moments as she gets to know Jesus, teaches Lucy about politics, and reveals some major secrets to her.  

This book shows how God can work in our lives when we put ourselves aside and give our problems to Him. Jenny B. Jones is an award-winning author. She has two other series and another book called Just Between You and Me. I definitely recommend this book. Once you start reading, the story sucks you in, and you cannot put it down!

Happy Reading!

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