Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homeschool Tracker

So...you probably know by now....I'm an organization freak!

I stroll up and down the "plastic" aisle at Wal-mart, and contemplate all the wonderful ways I could use the totes, bins, and drawers to organize my junk stuff.
 I rearrange each room in my house often, much to my husband's delight (feel the sarcasm). I have a strange addiction to office supplies...only the pretty kind.

Enough about me! Go read my post over at Yahoo about how you can use Homeschool Tracker to organize your school papers, reports, and other information.

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Hannah said...

It is 2:35am, and I'm still awake, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT!! LOL This is a great blog! You are so wonderfully organized! I feel I have over a decade of homeschool knowledge, but don't have anything written down anywhere. You have everything categorized and organized and I'm simply in awe! You need to teach a class on getting your act together, and I need to be a student!

I am interested in your cowboy unit, but could not get it to open. It says it's not been published.

Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me! I'm inspired!

Inspiring Jibberjabber said...

Thanks...I'll have to check on that Cowboy unit and get back with you!