Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toddlers: Magnetic Creations

Dress Up; Magnetic Creations
Dress up Set
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I know what you're thinking....this is almost the same as the magnetic dolls I talked about in an earlier post. But...you would be wrong. Magnetic Creations are magnetic dolls with lots of extras. They are made by a company out of Canada.

The purple box (pictured above) was our first experience with Magnetic Creations, and luckily it was given to us! How amazing is that?

The purple box comes with 62 pieces including a "baby", lots of clothes, and accessories.

We loved it so much, I had to find more. I ordered this one:

Magnetic Creations Weather Dress Up Doll Set
Weather Dress up Set
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This one comes with 3 scenes including snow, beach, and rain. There are clothes and accessories for each scene. My little Millie again has learned so many new words, like umbrella and rainbow. 

I got the "yellow" one, as Millie calls it, for only 99 cents on Ebay (plus shipping), and they have lots more to choose from. The sets generally run between $15 and $20. You should be able to click the pictures for more information.
Magnetic Creations Playset Max and RubyMagnetic Creations. Circus Cirque Circo. 53 Magnetic Pieces.Magnetic Creations Games to 2 goMagnetic Creations - baby Dress UpMagnetic Creations Dizzy Dinos 43 Pc Playset Dinosaurs
We really want the "Barney" themed one (not pictured here), but we'll have to save our money for that one. Again, these Magnetic Creations encourage vocabulary development and comprehension, motor skills, and more.  Have you tried them yet?


Hannah said...

Wow, that's a good deal! I bought one a few weeks ago for six bucks and thought that was good. Ninety nine cents is better!

They are great, but I took it to church, thinking it would be great for keeping the littles quiet for a while, but ended up picking up what seemed like THOUSANDS of little pieces in the cracks of the pew and all over the floor.

But other than that, it's great! :)

Hi! I'm Laurie said...

Don't worry, by the time I paid shipping...it was $6. The purple one has so many pieces, I'm thinking about putting some of them away for a while! They do get everywhere, but they really help keep her entertained while we're doing school work!