Friday, September 02, 2011

Art Lessons: Elements

Artistic Pursuits Grades 4-6 Book 2 Color and Composition
I posted earlier in the summer about my dilemma over teaching Jellyfish Art lessons. I found this Art curriculum called Artistic Pursuits, but I just don't have the budget to spend anymore on our homeschool curriculum for now. (You can click the picture to check it out.)
So, I am starting with the first of our "do it yourself Art lessons".  

Here are the basic steps for lesson 1:
The Elements of Art: Line

1. Talk about the elements of Art
2. Show this PowerPoint. (It's the first one on the list)
3. Discuss Line more thoroughly using this website.
4. Show this Powerpoint called Line in Art (2nd on list).
Just warning you...there's a couple of naked pics. You can save the PowerPoint on your computer and delete them before you show it.
5. Then, follow the instructions here to create the ultimate picture using lines!

This was our creation! I was impressed...considering I have No skilz!

What are you doing for Art this year?

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