Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mystery Of History Timeline

If you've never heard of the Mystery of is a comprehensive history curriculum that covers history from a Biblical standpoint. It is full of activities, information, activities, and worksheets that contribute to learning. We began last year with the first volume which starts at the Creation. This year we are doing the second volume, and we still love it. We are
right smack dab in the middle ages, studying about kings and lands that my 5th grader loves! The author is continuing the curriculum set to include two more volumes. (Volume 4 should be available soon)

The timeline is a major part of the Mystery of History curriculum. You can read about it in the beginning of the book and decide if you will do a traditional timeline, timeline notebook, or something totally different. We chose the more traditional timeline so I picked up a packing box from Wal-mart. We cut down one side so that it opened up long ways, then covered it with contact paper, and hung it on the wall. I thought about continuing the timeline on the same board this year, but decided to go ahead and cut it apart and do a new one. I was smart this year and turned it sideways so that there is a fold in the middle. We can fold it up and put it away easier than last years board (hope that makes sense).

Last Year...
You can buy the timeline figures on the Bright ideas Press website. If you don't want to spend the extra money, there is a Yahoo! group where you can download free figures. I think you just have to have a Yahoo! account to access the page. The timeline is a lot of fun to do if you just keep it simple and don't let it stress you out. There are a lot of activities and extra reading you can do and really gain some knowledge from this series. This is not your typical history curriculum!

So if you're looking for a history curriculum that is a little different, and more Bible based than traditional curriculum choices, check out the Mystery of History

I would love to see or hear about your timeline. If you have a link, leave it in the comment form.

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