Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Wondermaps: a Geography source

If you're like me, you probably feel that your Geography skills are not as sharp as they should be. I grew up in a Christian school, and was given very solid Geography skills through the Abeka program. Although we use Abeka for math and Language Arts in our homeschool, I've just never been a fan of their history and science curriculum. The programs we've used in history (All American History & Mystery of History) offer map activities, but definitely as a secondary subject. 

Wondermaps is a customizable map program that offers over 100 maps including world maps, U.S. maps, historical, and Bible maps. It is a handy, up to date program that can really take your Geography class to the moon! The maps, as I mentioned, are customizable and can be used for many different age groups and levels.  

If I could think of how many times I have the searched the internet for hours looking for just the right map with only rivers, or rivers and lakes, or any other combination! I wish I have known about Wondermaps a long time ago. 

The Good News?

It's on sale (25% off) throughout the month of March! What??? This includes the digital download with free updates. Here's the code to use at checkout!
Click the pic below:

Bright Ideas Press is a great company with some great products. I have always been happy with their products and service. 

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