Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Favorite Homeschool Things

As a homeschool mom, I find myself collecting lots of "things" that I just know I will use for homeschool. Especially with my little one...I am always making games and activities for her. The Dollar Tree is my friend! There are some things I have noticed are staple items that I cannot imagine homeschooling without. If you get a chance to purchase these items, I highly recommend them!

Laminator Love
I have a Scotch laminator like this one and we use it all the time! We use it for games, lessons, projects, and even household items. I can't imagine homeschool life without it! You can buy laminating sheets at Sam's Club for about $20 for a bunch (like 500).  They are not Scotch brand, but work fine!
This is definitely one of the more pricey homeschool items we own, but totally worth it. We use it for educational games, Homeschool Helper (for mom), reading free books on the Kindle app, and more. It is handy to take on trips and use just about anywhere.

Kodak Printer
We made the switch from our HP a couple of years ago and I could not be happier! Kodak has some of the cheapest printer ink in the industry and as homeschoolers, we use a lot! It saves us money in the long run instead of ordering lots of extra activity books. I can get a cartridge of ink at Walmart for $10. Also, if you ever have trouble with it, their customer service is fast and friendly.

Crafty items

These are def the most used items in our house and it seems like I am constantly buying replacements. Both of my kids LOVE to draw, color, make things...and make big messes! Here are some staples we cannot do without.

The Crayola dry erase activity center was a find at the beginning of last year. We use it so much. Here Millie is doing some addition strategies with blocks from the dollar tree! The activity center comes with several laminated card stock sheets, but you can use your own papers easily. This saves a lot of printing for my little one. We have to keep plenty of dry erase markers around for this also. We use dry erase crayons for writing on regular sheet protectors, another printer-ink saving idea!  I made my preschooler a book of activities (writing name, number practice, calendar fill-in, etc.) she had to do everyday...all inside sheet protectors which were erased daily.  We found that dry erase markers are harder to get off the sheet protectors.

Sticker Love!

If you make crafts, lapbooks, games, or anythings similar for your kids, a sticker machine is wonderful!  We used to use elmers glue, but it leaves your pages wrinkled and we like to keep our lapbooks around to look at for a long time. I have used it for labeling totes for storage, yard sale items, kitchen labels, and lots more. We have both of the ones pictured above, because sometimes just need a small sticker. The cartridge for big machine is about $10 at Walmart, but lasts a long time. I forget to mention TAPE, because our walls look this this most of the time:

Yep...I finally had to hide the thumbtacks!
I hope you get the chance to invest in some of these products! I always look for products that might save me money in the long run. I truly love these products!
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