Aug 21, 2009

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson is a tale about the Herdsmen kids, who are the meanest, orneriest kids in town. Their reputation precedes them when they begin to show up in Sunday School at the local church (only to eat the cake). This begins the tale of their involvement in the church Christmas play. 

This is really a hilarious story, that really took me back to all of those little snot nosed kids who drove me nuts! God can work in their lives too. This story covers the basics of the Christmas story. I used this story in my public school classroom years ago as a way to teach the Christmas story without actually teaching the Christmas story...if that makes any sense!  You can't help but see yourself, and a few of your scraggly kids in this story.

The Plan:
1. Buy the book (I used it as a read aloud to my 4th/5th graders)


2. Lapbook (Instructions below)
3. Resources (most resources are not free)


Our Lapbook...

For our lapbook, we photocopied a page from the literature unit (above) for our cover.  We used large size construction paper and folded it to meet in the middle.  The title is at the top in the blue.  This was actually a sample I did for myself, so it does not have all the info included. 

Inside our lapbook...

Sorry for the horrible pictures
In the middle section is a series of pages that flip. The sections are about the author, summary page, and pictures.  On the left side are characters- write the name of the character where you can see it. Raise the flap for a short description about that character. 
 On the right side are story elements- title, author, setting, conflict, point of view, etc.  Again, you raise each flap for details.

eThemes (list of sites)
Novel Study Unit ($12)
Teacher Vision- projects, test, and activities
Free mini unit (make sure its free)
Quiz Pack
Reading pack

Check out the movie! (affiliate)

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