Aug 21, 2009

Teaching Bible to Elementary

Do you teach Bible as a core subject like Math and English? 

Bible class is a priority in our homeschool, whether we order a Bible curriculum or simply read out of our Bible or devotional book. We teach every subject from a Biblical perspective, and sometimes it's good to have some extra activities to reinforce the Biblical concepts.

It is so important to teach children God's Word at a young age. We memorize scripture and do daily lessons that will last a lifetime. Never underestimate a child's ability to memorize scripture and learn Bible are amazing. 

I follow a basic outline to develop DIY Bible lesson plans.

1. Find a story or topic to study and learn. 
2. Write down scripture that goes along with the lesson.
3. Use a 5-w approach to teaching the lesson: Who, what, why, where, when
4.  Choose "new" words to teach from the Bible. Think word wall!
5. Find props and visuals if needed.
6. I always use worksheets, journaling, color sheets, or other techniques to reinforce learning.
7. Repeat and review daily

We use the King James Bible, which may seem hard to some, but our kids have no trouble with it. The KJV is a major literature masterpiece, and it really teaches reading comprehension, oral language, word building, and other reading concepts.

Resources (will update)

Bible Stories
Bible Story Guy
Kid Explorers
Bible for Kids (Lots of stories to choose from. Available in different formats)

Bible Games
Adventure Bible (Love the graphics! Games & activities reinforce Bible concepts and keep kid's attention.)
Word Games (Use icons on left to choose games. Printable)
Noah's Animals (Matching game)
Bible Hangman (click begin to play)
Who Wants to be a Millionare? (Bible edition)
Pacman (difficult website setup: Scroll down to see pacman game; lots of other simple games to choose from)
Bible Basebal

Just for Mom
Bible PowerPoints
Bible History Maps
Hands On Bible Teacher (great ideas)

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