Aug 2, 2009

Medieval Unit

   My son loves to study about knights, castles, and anything medieval! He loves to dress up and play soldier, knight, name it!  He loves to study about the Middle Ages, and there are really lots of choices when determining what to study. It can be a little overwhelming because there is so much out there. Explore and find what's right for you. 

   I like to develop a basic scope and sequence. This doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds...basically write down the objectives or a list of things you want to teach. This will guide you in finding activities and crafts. This can be as detailed or general as you choose. Here is a short list of  important events in the Middle Ages. 

Fall of Roman Empire

Viking Raiders
Islamic Civilization


Life in the Middle Ages
The Crusades

(check to make sure these are appropriate for your kids)

Castles (animated)

Free Resources

Viking resources @ All in One Homeschool
Erik the Red- famous viking
Viking Map

Medieval Life- easy to navigate site...your child can explore each section and learn what is would be like growing up in the middle ages. 

Raising Arrows hosted a  Medieval Feast! Complete with menu ideas!

Homeschool Share has book lists, free lapbook printables, and more!

Medieval Times Printable
Free Printable Coat of Arms
Castle Color Sheet

King/Queen Color Sheet
Both can be printed on cardstock to stand up

  Royal Baloo
Medieval Printables

 3 Dinosaurs

Crafts & Activities!

Use building blocks to make a Viking Ship!
The Happy Brown House used recycled materials to make a ship!

 Flying Dragon Craft @ There's Just One Mommy
Printable Medieval Card Game (similar to Skip-bo Jr.)

Field Trip Ideas

  • Medieval Times Dinner/Theater-If you don't have one near you...make your own at home!
  • Fencing Lessons
  • Check your area for Medieval festivals or fairs
  • Local historic places sometimes have Medieval themes activities
  • Medieval Times looks like fun and has locations around the country

Hope you find something useful!

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