Aug 14, 2009

Rainforest Unit

If you've never studied the rain forest, you're really missing out on some FUN adventures. There are a ton of activities and books available at your fingertips. We've studied this topic through the years, at different levels, and I have finally decided to try to organize some information. 

The Rainforest...

Rain forests are forests which receive an enormous amount of rainfall (hence the name), up to 78 inches each year. There are two types of rain forests, temperate and tropical. There are 4 layers in the rain forest. Each layer is an important and is a habitat for certain plants, foliage, and wildlife. There are some great resources for basic information about rain forests. 
Worksheets & Activities
Literature Connection...
Check your local library and your home library to see what wonderful books you might find on topics pertaining to the rain forest. Amazon and Ebay are also wonderful places to find cheap books. You can always resell them when you're done, or keep them for the next child! Here are some great books we have used through the years. (affiliate links ahead)

Geography Connection...

Arts & Crafts

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