Aug 21, 2009

Themes & Lapbooks

Lapbooks are a cool way of keeping life interesting for your homeschooler. We have done a few of them around here, and Jellyfish loves it. He loves learning something new and also the creative side of designing, glueing, and doing something HIS way for a change. Lapbooks help organize information in the child's mind and make it easier for the student to recall the information.  

 If you haven't tried one yet, please give it a chance. I have included some links and will continue to post more as we complete them. 

Flip Flap Books- a little different style than the traditional lapbook. They are a little simpler and faster to complete!
Homeschool Share- is a great site for finding themes and literature ideas!

These are some of the lapbooks we have done through the least that I've documented! 

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