Aug 21, 2009

Lapbook Ideas

What is a lapbook?

A lapbook is a mini-book that organizes material that a child has learned.  These mini-books are usually put together using a file folder...or two or three...that can be easily opened and read. The child needs only some printed material, basic skills, and art supplies. If your child happens to have an artistic talent, a lapbook is a great way for them to express that talent.  

We have done many lapbooks through our years of homeschooling. My kids love learning something new and also love the creative side of designing, gluing, and making it their own. 

As a teacher, I love lapbooks because they help organize information in the child's mind and make it easier for the student to recall the information.  As we progress through our subjects, many times my kids will say, "Mom, remember that lapbook we did on ....". We still have several lapbooks that we pull out from time to time and read.

Flip Flap Books- a little different style than the traditional lapbook. They are a little simpler and faster to complete!
Homeschool Share- is a great site for finding themes and literature ideas!

These are some of the lapbooks we have done through the least that I've documented! 

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