Dec 9, 2009

3rd Grade Skills

When we're not swimming...

These are some of the skills we are working on this year. 

read medium chapter books
read variety of materials with guidance
read & understand new words

Use reference material to locate info
Increase knowledge of literary elements & genres
Silent read for extended periods
Demonstrate comprehension
Make connections when reading
participate in literary discussions
Read fluently with expression
Begin to write for a purpose
Organize ideas into a sequence
Develop paragraphs
Use variety of sentences when writing
Revise by adding literary devices
Develop editing and proof reading skills
Spell words correctly
Write fluently and legibly in cursive

Vowel, consonant, e (make)
R controlled vowels (work)
Other common long vowels (boat)
Complex consonants (bridge)
Ambiguous vowels (lawn)

Read, Write, and Compare whole number to five
Identify place value in numbers up to five digits
Apply place value in numbers up to four digits
Find equivalent names for numbers
Basic addition & subtraction facts
Solve addition & subtraction story problems
Add & Subtract multi-digit numbers
Learn multiplication facts
Use multiplication to solve story problems
Count by 2, 3, 4, 5, & 10's
Begin division
Organize mathematical thinking in various forms (charts, graphs, etc.)

Life cycles of a plant
Characteristics of plants as living things
Earth is made up of minerals & other substances
Earth's surface changes as due to rapid processes (volcanoes, earthquakes)
The water cycle and other weather patterns

Use simple equipment to solve simple investigations
Conduct simple scientific experiments
Use evidence to form reasonable explanations

Social Studies...
Understand people's culture as it relates to the environment
Use maps skills when reading a map
Identify continents & oceans
Study important people in American history

Memory work- chapters & books of the Bible
Study life of Christ and do various activities
Develop habits of daily Bible reading & Bible study

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