Dec 14, 2009

Our December Field Trip

For my husband’s birthday, my brother and his wife decided to take us out for dinner. We left our babies (my brother has two boys, 1 & 3) with Grandma and Papa. With only their oldest and our oldest, Jellyfish, we took off. We had a great dinner at our new favorite Chinese place.

  We then went to a local historical mansion
   that was decorated for Christmas.

The KitchenOne of the bedrooms...
     A Christmas tree upstairs!  Beautiful!

After that, we went downtown to a one-room schoolhouse.  It was really neat for the kids to see how it was to go to school back in the day!

This was a great field trip for Jellyfish.  We picked up some brochures at the Mansion that told about its history, and really felt like we lived it for a few moments.  The whole experience was wonderful!!!

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