Feb 18, 2010

It's Library day!

Library day is a fun day for us.  We drop the baby off and drive to our local library.  I usually pick out some books with information that compliment the upcoming units we will do in Science and Social Studies. 

I also look for a read-aloud.  Jellyfish loves to be read to.  He loves books in general-he definitely gets that quality from me. Jellyfish looks for books that are visually appealing or have familiar characters in them.  His favorites right now are Scooby-doo Mysteries.

 I sometimes encourage him a little by showing him some new selections.  It is good for him to learn how to find books by topic or author, and even look them up on the computer if he needs a certain book.

I guess I fondly remember my days of going to the library.  Things were a lot different back then.  No public use computers; they barely had a copy machine.  Encyclopedias were more than just dust collectors.

I felt really old as I showed my son the encyclopedias today.  I found myself saying, "These are encyclopedias; we used them when I was young because we didn't have as many computers.  You can look up just about any word in them and find information."  He had a look of disbelief and shock on his face.  I'm sure he was thinking I was from the stone age.

It was a fun trip.  I wish they had more homeschool resource books.  I wish the shelves were kept neat and clean like they were when I was little.  I wish there no computers to crowd the room.  I wish....the list goes on.

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