Mar 16, 2010

Public Education

Things your child will NOT get in a public school:
  1. One on one learning
  2. Biblical worldview
  3. Exposure to God's Word
  4. Curriculum tailored to your child's needs, as opposed to government standards
  5. High expectations for learning
  6. Friendly, comfortable environment
Things your child WILL get in a public school:
  1. One teacher per 16-25 students (this will only get worse as budgets are cut)
  2. Socialistic worldview, anti-democracy
  3. Exposure to sex, drugs, bad language, and alternative lifestyles
  4. Discipline for "distractions" such as carrying a Bible to school or praying
  5. Low standards of education based on grade level expectations set by the government
  6. The world's standards supercede God's standards (clothes, hairstyles, communication, etc.)
Need more?  Not me.

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