Apr 30, 2010

April Fishing Trips

Jellyfish loves to go fishing with his daddy. They have been on several trips this spring to a local fishing lake. They always come back with a big catch. Jellyfish has learned to bait his hook (and actually get it to stay on), cast, and reel it in. He asked lots of questions as he watched his dad filet the fish. Later in the evening we usually have a fish fry. He has learned that the fish usually bite best early in the morning, especially if it has rained the night before! Here are some pics…

Thanks for a great learning experience!

Week in Review: Adios April

The weekend began with a singing at church on Saturday night.  Daddy had to chaperone project prom at school, so he was gone ALL night (and very tired the next day). 

Sunday was a normal day at church.

Milly loves her new rocky horse (and her biscuit). 

Jellyfish is finished with his Science book and his math journal.  He's so excited.  We are reading the National Geographic Magazine, and also doing reports on some of the animals we saw at the Zoo.  So, we will continue Science in our own way.

This has been a rainy week.  Bring on the flowers!

The kids are both struggling to get rid of runny noses and coughs.  The meds just don't seem to be doing the trick.

Daddy continued working on our deck, with a little help from Jellyfish!

Milly seems to have hit the terrible twos (even though she's only 13 months old).  She's climbing on everything.  I've caught her on the kitchen table twice this week.  She tells herself no no, but continues to do whatever it is that will get her in trouble.  I might lose my mind (not much to lose).

We continue our study of adverbs....Ugh!  Jellyfish also started studying Billy Sunday.  It is a very interesting study.  J is excited that Billy Sunday enjoyed baseball, and impressed at what a great preacher he was, even though he preached the true Word!
Jellyfish spent a lot of time cleaning up a tree that we had cut down in our yard.  He worked very hard.

I seemed to have picked up the cold the kids have had for a week...

See ya in May!

Apr 23, 2010

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Spring Fever

Jellyfish helped his Papa pick mommy a bouquet of flowers.  So sweet and gorgeous!
We finished up our study of adjectives, although I'm not sure it is mastered, we will continue to review them in the last few weeks of school...

We played outside and watched daddy start building our new deck which will serve as an outdoor classroom also.  We are so excited about our 16 foot deck!

Milly started saying no no to me this week.  She was in the bathroom with me when I was drying my hair, and she just walked up to the toilet tissue holder and said, "No, no."  That was just the beginning.  Now she says it all the time.  Notice the tongue...when you tell her to smile, this is her reaction! 

In history, we soaked up lots of information about Booker T. Washington, and started studying about Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Our read aloud is a little house book.
We did a multiplication game, and finished our Abeka map book. 

We heard a missionary from the Philippines on Sunday, and that was very exciting!  He told all about the Philippines and his work there as a doctor and missionary.

We saw lots of pretty flowers.  These are Azalea Bushes and Violets from our flower bed.

We went to the library, and picked out some new books.

The boys went fishing and came back with this....which they threw into our little pond.

Jellyfish is in his last chapter of Science which adds to the excitement that summer break is approaching.  He cannot wait for pool time (which I keep telling him is a month or more away)...

(last year's pic)

Anyway, that was our week in review.  Happy Spring!

Apr 8, 2010

Curriculum possibilities for next year

Yes, its that time of year, when I start to think about our plans for the next school year(2010-11).  I reflect on what worked and what didn't work this year.  I think about the pros and cons of our current curriculum, and what I would like to see different in next year's curriculum. I'm pretty sure I will do Abeka Math, but these are some of the possibilities I'm toying with in other areas...

Exploring Creation with Astronomy, Textbook

It seems to be a thorough study of Astronomy.  This year we did Harcourt Science which is a general science that dances around the subjects and just barely introduces each one. 

Answers for Kids 3-Part Curriculum Pack

Not sure about this one.  It seems to be very thorough from the samples online.  There are three different books.  The jury's still deliberating over this one...

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible: Full Family Curriculum Pack

    This is a full curriculum including teacher's guide, student book, test pack, and even CD's.  It is from Creation to the time of Christ.  It is seeing history parallel to the Bible.  I think it would be neat, but am weighing my choices carefully. This one's a little pricier for me.

The Mystery Of History, Volume 2: The Early Church and the Middle Ages

    Info from website: What was happening in China as the Israelites crossed the Red Sea? Who lived in North America at the time that Jeremiah wrote Lamentations? This Bible-centered curriculum interweaves Bible and Old World history to teach your students about God's sovereignty. Features user-friendly format, lively text, week-by-week lessons, quizzes and tests, cumulative review, projects and activities, timeline and mapping assignments, teaching tips, answer key, reproducible student pages, and more. It's classical in approach, chronological in order, and complete in scope! Grades 4 to 8. 471 pages, softcover from Bright Ideas.

Galloping the Globe: The Geography Unit Study for Young Learners, Grades K-4

 Info from Website: Word searches, mazes, maps and more…clues, puzzles, and animals galore! What an enchanting way to learn geography – a unit study/discovery learning resource entitled Galloping The Globe. This geography based curriculum is geared towards the K – 4th grade children. It can be used from 1 – 3 years and covers all 7 continents. Incorporating the student notebook approach, Galloping The Globe integrates 8 categories of learning activities:Basic Geography, People/History, Literature, Science Activities, Internet Sources, and Bible.

Hands-On Geography: Easy & Fun Activities for Exploring God's World

Info from website:  Geography is more than maps---and the world is more than continents and countries. These multi-grade projects provide an in-depth look at the world around us from a Christian perspective. Whether creating their own country notebook or studying about missionaries, your students will learn how geography affects economics, politics, science, religion, and cultures. Includes resource lists and reproducible work sheets and maps. 142 pages, softcover.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Grade 4, Orange, Teacher

   Info from website:  Build language arts skills through the wonders of "living" literature! Keep skills within the context of literature, giving children a better understanding of how these concepts actually work, and reinforcing their correct usage. 32 weekly lessons are divided into daily plans, and centered around four book studies: The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner; The Wright Brothers by Augusta Stevenson: Benjamin Franklin by Augusta Stevenson; and The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. A summary, vocabulary exercises, discussion questions, graphic organizers, student activities, and a review are included for the book studies, as well as "everyday words" section, newspaper, research, journal writing, and creating books units. 244 pages, softcover. Grade 4

ACSI Spelling Grade 4 Student Edition, Revised
36 lessons that cover spelling and phonics.

Daily Language Review Grade 4

The Lamb's Book of Art 1
   Info from website:  This delightful introduction to art for ages 8 to 13 covers color theory, drawing, anatomy, perspective, nature studies, portraits, cartooning, lettering, creative writing, and more in a one year curriculum. Each lesson is clearly explained, with illustrations showing each step, comprehension questions, and room to practice and explore! Each chapter's work can be done directly in the book, which includes a sketchbook in back of the text. Newly revised, minor changes have been made throughout the book, and five new marker cards with instructions are included as well. 87 Lessons, Ages 8 and up. Reproducible for "in home" use only. Softcover, revised edition.

    Just a cool website with lots of interesting homeschool items!