Apr 30, 2010

Week in Review: Adios April

The weekend began with a singing at church on Saturday night.  Daddy had to chaperone project prom at school, so he was gone ALL night (and very tired the next day). 

Sunday was a normal day at church.

Milly loves her new rocky horse (and her biscuit). 

Jellyfish is finished with his Science book and his math journal.  He's so excited.  We are reading the National Geographic Magazine, and also doing reports on some of the animals we saw at the Zoo.  So, we will continue Science in our own way.

This has been a rainy week.  Bring on the flowers!

The kids are both struggling to get rid of runny noses and coughs.  The meds just don't seem to be doing the trick.

Daddy continued working on our deck, with a little help from Jellyfish!

Milly seems to have hit the terrible twos (even though she's only 13 months old).  She's climbing on everything.  I've caught her on the kitchen table twice this week.  She tells herself no no, but continues to do whatever it is that will get her in trouble.  I might lose my mind (not much to lose).

We continue our study of adverbs....Ugh!  Jellyfish also started studying Billy Sunday.  It is a very interesting study.  J is excited that Billy Sunday enjoyed baseball, and impressed at what a great preacher he was, even though he preached the true Word!
Jellyfish spent a lot of time cleaning up a tree that we had cut down in our yard.  He worked very hard.

I seemed to have picked up the cold the kids have had for a week...

See ya in May!

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