Apr 23, 2010

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Spring Fever

Jellyfish helped his Papa pick mommy a bouquet of flowers.  So sweet and gorgeous!
We finished up our study of adjectives, although I'm not sure it is mastered, we will continue to review them in the last few weeks of school...

We played outside and watched daddy start building our new deck which will serve as an outdoor classroom also.  We are so excited about our 16 foot deck!

Milly started saying no no to me this week.  She was in the bathroom with me when I was drying my hair, and she just walked up to the toilet tissue holder and said, "No, no."  That was just the beginning.  Now she says it all the time.  Notice the tongue...when you tell her to smile, this is her reaction! 

In history, we soaked up lots of information about Booker T. Washington, and started studying about Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Our read aloud is a little house book.
We did a multiplication game, and finished our Abeka map book. 

We heard a missionary from the Philippines on Sunday, and that was very exciting!  He told all about the Philippines and his work there as a doctor and missionary.

We saw lots of pretty flowers.  These are Azalea Bushes and Violets from our flower bed.

We went to the library, and picked out some new books.

The boys went fishing and came back with this....which they threw into our little pond.

Jellyfish is in his last chapter of Science which adds to the excitement that summer break is approaching.  He cannot wait for pool time (which I keep telling him is a month or more away)...

(last year's pic)

Anyway, that was our week in review.  Happy Spring!

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