May 20, 2010

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: May Days

The cats are at their usual place in the doorway.  They've learned to duck and run when we head out the door.  Yes, I know, the grass needs to be mowed.  I leave that to the hubster.

Okay, so I haven't written in a while- that's because I've been sick for over a week.  I am finally starting to feel alive again, but I'm still coughing my head off. 

I haven't really had the camera out too much.  My birthday and Mother's Day coincided, as it does every few years.  It was a busy day, but fun.  Jellyfish made me a card.

Milly is a little clown, and enjoys making everyone laugh.  She goes in circles and puts everything on her head.  She also runs into walls (like her dad).  Sorry, this pics a little fuzzy, but you can see how AbSoLuTeLy HaPpY she is.

We are just about finished with homeschool.  I am trying to tie up all the loose ends, and for the first time, I'm making a portfolio for the year.  I will post pics when I'm done. 

We are reading Red Dog by Bill Wallace as a read-aloud.  We read another book by him earlier in the year, and loved it.  You can read about it here.  Hopefully, this one will be wonderful!

I am starting to order curriculum for next year.  I order as much as possible on Ebay.  I have found our Abeka reading books for about half price, and will probably order them Friday.

This is my husband BEFORE he shaved his mustache and goatie off!  Not sure what compelled him!

This is Milly with her ever-so-ornery look...I see this a lot!  She started trying to say Grandma this week, but it comes out more like a-maw.  Oh, and how can I forget, three more teeth just popped into her head all at once...

VBS is coming up, and with that lots of work and prayer. 

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