Jun 23, 2010

End of year portfolio

A comprehensive portfolio is an effective way to document your school year, for legal purposes, as well as keeping track of your accomplishments. We made our first portfolio for Jellyfish's 3rd grade year. It wasn't planned, but just something I threw together at the last minute. Since then, I have put a little more effort into it, and really started planning for it at the beginning of the year.

It's really pretty simple to get started. You need a few supplies, depending on how you put it together. Here are some recommended supplies:

*Huge binder (3-4inch)
*Divider tabs: I do one for each core subject, one for electives, one for field trips, and one for paperwork (report card, lesson plans, book list, etc.).   
* Pictures (of field trips, art projects, science experiments, etc.)
*Page protectors
*Work samples from each subject (I keep 5-6 sheets from each subject per month; our state requires it.)

First Section:
I start with a title page, like the one pictured above. I put everything I could in sheet protectors.  On the back of the title page is his report card for the year.  I use Homeschool Tracker, and it will print all kinds of reports for you.  Then next few pages consist of an attendance summary, overview report of each subject (hours, points, grades), resources used, learning objectives for each subject, and legal requirements

Next Section:
Use some file tabs like these, or page dividers, and make a tab for each subject.  Our subjects are Bible, Math, Reading/Language Arts, History, Science, and Electives(PE, Art, etc.).  Include samples that are indicative of your child's progress. For some activities, such as experiments, nature walks, etc., you can put a picture instead.  These binder pockets are great to use also:
I will probably put my teacher planning pages (daily log) in at the end, because they take up  more  room.  Fill your portfolio with anything interesting. Include lots of pictures, and make it a book of memories. 

Educational opportunities happen everyday.  Don't forget to document them.  I'm hoping this will be more of a scrapbook, than a school book in the end, something we will actually come back in ten years, and look at with pride!  We'll see. 

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