Jul 19, 2010

Kid's Links: Math

Math is not always so fun for kids. At our house, it's like torture some days, but adding in some educational games can be an attitude changer! They help reinforce new concepts, test comprehension, and are a great review of past concepts. Check out some links we use below:


Cool Math 4 Kids: you could seriously roam on this site ALL day and never see all of the fun games. I found games for all ages and levels on this site. Everything that I've clicked on so far is free!
Mr. Nussbaum: Games for ages 2-12; also gives option to play on iPad or Ipod
Shepherd's: choose a topic on left side and start playing!
Zoodles: safe browser (no popups or outside links), great for toddlers; sends mom an email each week outlining the child's activity. I love this one!

Multiplication Practice:

Interactive Practice
Sunny Bunny
Lake Mathatobie
Math Facts Game
Turbo Skid
A+ Math
Fun 4 the Brain


Practical money skills for life
Family Learning

I'm sure there are a million more; these are just a few that we use and like! Check back often for updates!

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