Jul 20, 2010

Weekly Highlights: July

July is rolling by...I have not been writing as often because there have been so many things going on.  We have been busy. 
New window, new roof, and then Caleb decides to cut another hole in my house, between my dining room and living room.  I have to admit, it does make the rooms look bigger.

Of couse this requires that the whole room gets painted.  Soooo, we are doing board and batten.  More pics coming soon (as soon as it is finished).

Sunday, July 18th
No amount of persuading could get my little doll to smile and cooperate as mommy snapped picture after picture...so sad, but she's still cute as a button!

This was the dress that Caleb's family got her for Christmas.
Here are some snuggle pictures.  Brief moments of love, before chaos ensues...
Our garden is growing, despite the heat and lack of rain.  We have squash, tomotoes, watermelon, green peppers, and few other things.  Jellyfish has been watering the garden and picking veggies.  Don't let the picture fool you, he would never actually eat any of the veggies unless they're properly disguised in a dish, but he posed for the picture which is more than my little girlie will do.

Yes, she really is the life of the party...

In the news...

  • Oil spill is stopped at least for the time being.

  • Kagan is about to take a seat on the Supreme Court.

  • Lindsey Lohan goes to jail, finally.

  • Apple iphone 4 has issues.
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