Aug 27, 2010

August fun

Our first two weeks of school went very quickly!  We are really starting to adjust to our new curriculum and workbooks.  Jellyfish is excited about school so far!  We started the week Sunday with a fish fry at church.  Yum!  We also had a BBQ Thursday night at grandma's house!              
Millie learned to play babies.  She lined her baby and feeding utensils up on the step, and fed them (and herself occasionally).  It was very cute!

In the pic to the right...she actually has her mouth open making the chomping noise!

This is the baby that prays, so every once in a while Millie would reach over and push her belly so she would pray.

The week turned out nice...a little taste of fall, so we found ourselves enjoying some time outside!

The kids played with sidewalk chalk (since there's no concrete in the back, they used paver stones).
   I think the cat wanted to draw too.

There's so many things to do outside!  
Jellyfish started his Mystery of History timeline, and he is so excited.  He drew a rain forest picture in Science, and made a 100% in Spelling.  I'll have pics soon.  Daddy started his ITV class at school, and it has caused him a little stress this week.  Millie has been pottying in the potty quite successfully.  Yeah!  We're on our way to no more diapers!
Hope your week was just as fun!  AND I hope we have lots more fall weather very soon!

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wdworkman said...

Sounds like your off to a good start!
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