Aug 28, 2010

Christian Kids Explore Biology: Unit 2

Plants in God's World is the title of Unit 2.  I am excited about it, but kinda wish it was spring time for this subject.  Oh well, fall will have to do!  These are some of the activities we are doing!

Lesson 6:
Time For Kids: Plants!Young Scientist Series - Set 10: Seeds, Fruits, and other Plant Parts (Kit 28) - Eggs (Kit 29) - Owls (Kit 30)Flowers (Plant Parts) (Pebble Plus: Plant Parts)

Lesson 7: Photosynthesis
  • Vocab.- Photosynthesis, oxygen, hydrogen, Carbon dioxide, chlorophyll, glucose, evaporation
  • Love this lapbook from Amanda Bennett!!!
  • Simple printable from Teacher Vision.
  • PowerPoint

Lesson 8: Plant Reproduction

  • Vocab.- pollination, pollen, self-pollination, cross-pollination, ovules, ovaries, anthers
  • Color the flower- online coloring sheet of the parts of a flower!
  • Web activities-several to choose from
  • Watch pollination take place! (short video)
More to come,

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