Aug 19, 2010

Mini offices: 4th grade

I decided Jellyfish needed a mini-office for his 4th grade year.  When I get something in my little brain; there is no end to the mAdNeSs until I get it done.  I searched online and found lots of ideas and printables.  The problem is deciding which ones are best for Jellyfish.  What exactly will he need on a daily basis? Here's what I came up with.
My husband brought home a project board.  It was white on one side and cardboard color on the other...after some white spray paint, it was white on both sides!
36"x48" White Tri Fold Project Display Board (HUN730205) Category: Presentation
It was also very I took a utility knife and cut it in half.  So, now I have two project boards.  I decided I would use front and back and group his subjects somewhat. 

Here is a list (and hopefully links) to my components:

Multiplication Chart-I used the large black & white one, and colored it accordingly!
Math Facts Sheet
Gallon Man-not sure where I found this...
Division Poster-you have to finish the division problem after you print
Spelling list-I laminated some lines of a sheet of notebook paper.  He can use a dry erase marker to change it each week.
Bible verse:  same thing; he can change it out each week!
Books of the Bible (from Jimmy's Collage)

This is the bestest ever site on mini offices you can find.  A lot of my printables came from this site!

I laminated some of the components and put them on with velcro so that they're his schedule (we always make changes).

I know what you're thinking...."wait, what about all the white spaces?"

Don't stress!  We will add more as we go along. And don't forget.  I still have the bottom half that we cut off.  Maybe I'll use that for History & Science or Spanish!
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