Aug 9, 2010

Our Homeschool Space: 2010

I wish I could tell show you an elaborate space with lots of resources  organized in interesting ways.  I wish we had a whole room just for homeschool, but...well....that's not happening.  Soooo, I'll just show you our meager corner in our den where A LOT of learning takes place!  That's the important thing!

I taught in a public school special ed classroom for about 4 years, and I am an organization freak!  Teaching special ed kinda does that to a girl, because there's SOOOOOO much paperwork and crud that demands your attention (not to mention the students). 

Anyway, I have a lot of resources, but most of them have to stay in our storage shed out back until I am ready to use them.  Our current teacher and student workbooks take up enough space, but the art and office supplies (which, yes, maybe I have a weakness for buying them), but it has been hard for me to find a way to organize them in a way that makes me happy.  Especially with a 16 month old running around.  She loves crayons...are they one of the major food groups?
The first step in revamping an old space......OUT WITH THE OLD!

We (meaning my husband) recently removed the old Wal-mart desk that had seen better days.  Nothing against Wal-mart desks, it served us well for several years, and for $80, you can't beat that!  My favorite carpenter built me a table for to do our school work on.  I put my computer at one end (close to the window), and we have plenty of room to spread our books out. 

 The table sits right by the window, so we have lots of natural light.  I usually pull the curtains back when we're working. 
Jellyfish will sit opposite me on the other side of the table.  I am an expert at reading upside down!  So, I can still help him with his work.  My little Millie will sit in her chair at the end of the table for short periods of time and do her "work", as you can see below. 
I have a trunk my husband made me before we were even married.  It is full of school supplies, mostly resource books and CD's that I pull from occasionally.  On top is a basket for Jellyfish to keep his student books and binders in. 

For now, I have a small bookcase for my stuff...teacher's books, office supplies, and other such things.  It's a little messy looking, so I may spruce it up with some pretty paper or something...hmmmm.  Maybe some tags or labels? 

This is a fuzzy pic of my printer table which has storage underneath for our notebooks.  Nothin' the way that's like our modem or something laying in the floor.

I plan to use my file crates for organization this year.  I can just slide them underneath my table and they are outa sight...The bottom one is for bills, insurance papers, instruction manuals, receipts, and other such things.  The top one is for school.  I labeled each file folder with a subject.  I will use it for posters, supplemental worksheets, completed work for each subject. 
Our cork board (covered with fabric) for displaying things.  Here you see chore chart, church calendar, and book directory.  Can't wait to display some artwork or lapbooks!  I may put a paper border around it to match my dry erase board (below).

This is my favorite new thing!  My dry erase board.

Thanks for looking around!  Come back soon!


Sheri said...

Oh, that dry erase board looks cool-I just did the Home Depot one. Haven't found the right markers for it the area you have set up. Have a great year ahead!

Anonymous said...

Lovely learning room! Your dry erase board is like my framed calendar :) Thanks for sharing and have a great year.

Eclectic Education said...

Great area! I hope you have a wonderful school year.


Sparklee said...

I really envy organized people--it just doesn't come naturally to me. But after we started homeschooling, I had to learn some new habits!

Looks like you already have a little student working at your table--such a cutie!

Have a great year of homeschooling!

Mama to 5 said...

you are SO organized! I like your file folder system. thank you for linking up in my show me your homeschool classroom! Enjoy the rest of your week! :)