Aug 17, 2010

Christian Kids Explore Biology: Unit 1

Christian Kids Explore Biology
We are doing Christian Kids Explore Biology by Stephanie L. Redmond for science this year.  It is an in-depth book with lots of ideas & activities.  Some of the links in the book are not terribly current, so I am making my own list of links and supplemental activities.  My goal is to do this weekly!

Lesson 2: Cells 

Lesson 5: Food Chain

  • Make flashcards using vocabulary words: Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore, Decomposer, Producers, Consumer 
  • watch Movie Clip or The Magic School Gets Eaten
  • Food chain game page: a page full of goodies!
  • Chain Reaction: put the cards in order to form a chain
  • Read this book!
  • PowerPoints: lots to choose from!
I will add more as I find them.  Do you have any cool links?  Leave me a comment and share it with me!  

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