Aug 2, 2010

Weekly Highlights: Mentally preparing for school

Dear Summer,
 I am tired of your hot temperatures and humid days.  Please leave and come back next year when you have not outstayed your welcome.   
Goodbye and good ridance,

No, I'm sure summer will not last forever, although I'm beginning to wonder.  We have about two weeks until school starts. 

How do you prepare kids for the start of a school year? Our summers are very laid back and relaxed.  We have no schedule and enjoy the ultimate free time.   How do you transition from this type of day to one that is totally structured down the minute? (Yes, I'm that kinda of teacher.)

I am trying to share my excitement for our curriculum with Jellyfish.  He gets excited, but only for a little while.  Ultimately, he still dreads D-day (August 16th for us).

He is excited about learning Spanish this year and studying about kings and queens in history.  He loves to read and was very interested in checking out his new reading books.   Read more about our curriulum here.

This is my big boy playing pirate with his cousins.  He has quite an imagination, and loves to dress up as different characters.  You never know what he'll come up with next...

So, I will continue to talk about our curriculum.  We will pray together for the upcoming school year, and just enjoy the free days because they will soon be a memory!
Time certainly flies!  See how much my baby has grown since last summer!  Wow!

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