Sep 3, 2010

Weekly Highlights:

This was a crazy week with lots of activity!  Allergy season is in full swing, so I'm back to my regular schedule of sneezing and blowing (my nose, that is)...and the kids are fighting it too.  
Jellyfish started the week studying the Sumerians in History.  He built a ziggurat using legos.  He also studied the Tower of Babel!  We are adding to his timeline weekly also.
The End Result....a ziggurat...sort of!
Millie did her own studying.  She worked on her puzzles, and learned to make her own Tower of Babel.  Knocking it over is the "funnest" part!
If you have one of these (meaning a 17 month old) around, then you know...there's never a dull moment anyway!

The week ended at the doctor's with the kids.  Apparently, they have sinus infections.  Nothing more fun than sitting for two hours at the doctor's office with a 17 mo. old at nap time....sigh.  
Funny how you sit for 2 hours waiting for the doctor, and it only takes him 2 minutes before he's out the door.  They have sooooo many feel like you kinda get lost in the shuffle.

Have Fun (and Gesundheit)!

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