Sep 24, 2010

Weekly Homeschool Highlights: Fall arrives

It's Friday....Finally!

                               (Google Pic: I wish it were that pretty here...)
We are getting ready to have a yard sale this weekend for our youth group at church!  Hopefully we make lots of money, and get rid rid of lots of stuff!  I know God will bless!  
Homeschool has been interesting this week, but with all that's going on, its been hard to stay on track.
Jellyfish studied about China and how it was once ruled by dynasties.  He learned about their family, dress, and the tradition of binding feet.  

He drew this woodpecker in Art.  He had to use motion lines, shading, and details in this one!  I think it turned out wonderful. Click on it to see it closer...

Last week, he did a sea turtle.  He had to pay attention to perspective.  He had to draw it as if you were looking into the water from a boat.
Click here to see more about our curriculum!

In Science, we studied birds.  We are blessed to have an abundance of hummingbirds right now by our bird feeder in our front yard.  They are so much fun to watch!
Daddy is working hard with his high school robotics teams creating robots that will climb mountains, go over bridges, and place PVC sticks in a container.  They will compete in district competitions in January!  

The new addition to our family (my niece) is growing quite well.  We only have to wait about 8 or so more weeks until we can hold her!  So exciting! 

Millie is potty training...ugh!  So frustrating!  It seems like we have good days and bad days...I just keep on trying.  She's only 18 months old, so she is a little young.  I'm not pushing too hard yet!
She started saying I love you to her bubba this week.  So sweet!

My favorite thing:  Its' officially fall!  I am ready for falling leaves, hoodies, and bonfires!  Bring it on!


Nicki Woo said...

What a fantastic week you guys had!!!! Oh, I so miss school. Its so much fun learning about the world. What a beautiful pic of Falling Leaves. Is that what it looks like where you live? Its crazy beautiful.

Nicki Woo said...

and i got so excited, i forgot to say, i'm following you!

wdworkman said...

Great drawings!
Janet W

Nikki said...

I love fall too - especially hoodies! I found a link to your blog from your weekly wrap up post you shared over at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers!

Unknown said...

Hello. I am your newest bloggy friend from the blog hop. I hope you are having a wonderful and blessed day. I hope you can follow me back at and be sure to check out all my giveaways. You have a beautiful family.
God Bless,

Phyllis said...

What a beautiful tree! Our trees are still mostly green. I love the artwork!

Hanna said...

I'm your newest follower from the Friday blog hop:) Lovely blog! You can find me at

Ruthie J. said...

We homeschool as well. Love it!

New follower from blog hop. Would love a follow back.

Ruthie Joyce

Stylist A said...

Just wanted to stop by and thank you a bunch for joining in on my very first Friend Finding Fridays blog hop. It is such a pleasure to have you as my new friend. I will definitely be following you back.


p.s. If you care to join... I am kicking off the start of a meme called Memory Making Mondays this Monday. It is a reminder to myself and others to capture the memories of everyday life. I would love to have you join in.

Amber@ClassicHousewife said...

Oh, I love that picture of fall! It's not that pretty here, either, but I sure with it were. =) My favorite thing last week was definitely the onset of fall also. And this week actually FEELS like fall. Snoopy dance! =)

Anonymous said...

Love the sea turtle! Great picture. Following you from WUH Weekly Wrap-Up.