Oct 16, 2010


Do you have weeks when you can't seem to get anything done?  Especially homeschool.  (Let's not even talk about my cruddy house...)

Jellyfish works a lot on his own, but if we're gone or sick, school work gets put on the back shelf.  I am a planner, and when you mess with my schedule, it can be UGLY!  

But, seriously, I have learned to embrace learning in unsuspecting places.  I have learned that just because a math worksheet takes an hour to complete...that doesn't necessarily mean learning has taken place.  

Are you that parent?  Do your kids take along schoolwork to the doctor's office?  Are your kids often seen in the yard digging for worms or hunting for pretty leaves?  The funniest thing is when someone ask your child how they like their teacher this year?  My son gets the funniest look on his face...he knows I'm watching to see what he's gonna say!

This week Jellyfish was so excited to go shopping with his grandparents...that I let him miss an afternoon of school.  (Am I bad, or what?)  Daddy had an appointment on Friday afternoon, so there goes another day.  We have to decide whether or not to do the surgery for Daddy's foot.  So prayer is needed.  

Millie is growing like a weed.  This a pic of her modeling her new jammies!  Look at that hair!
Millie stacked the blocks!
If you've missed me... 
I may have been neglecting my little blog a bit the last few weeks....but I've started doing some freelance writing.  It is important that I bring in some money to supplement my husband's income...so I am excited!

Until next time,

Oct 5, 2010

How to Write Thank You Notes

How To Write Thank You Notes
How to Write Thank You Notes by Heartland Publishing is one unit in a How To Series that claims to “provide interesting and educational information on specific subjects of modern social interaction”.  This particular unit begins with several information pages concerning the term ‘thank you’. 

The information gives particulars such as correct sentence usage, why we say thank you, and how to say thank you.  It then explains the basic setup of a thank you letter starting with the greeting.  It even explains how to address the envelope, which is an important skill. 

After six pages of information, students are then tested.  It has printable templates for a small envelope and a business size envelope.  It also comes with an answer key that goes along with the test page. 

This is a simple yet informational unit explaining a subject that is not complicated, but often overlooked.  Although there are only ten pages in this unit, it does cover the subject matter thoroughly.  There are not a lot of printables and links, but this is not a subject that you would usually spend a lot of time covering.    
I feel that the length of unit and information covered are appropriate and would definitely recommend this for busy moms like me with so many things to think about!  Order it here!
                                     How to write thank  you notes!



I received this item complimentary from CurrClick.com on behalf of Heart of the Matter. Opinions expressed are my own!  

Oct 1, 2010

Weekly Highlights: October is here!

So, I enjoy writing about our days enjoying family and friends.  I enjoy sharing our homeschool adventures, and believe me, they are adventures...  

Some of my favorite things this weeks have been:

  1. Watching (feeling) the temperature drop and knowing its finally FALL!  Yeah!
  2. Potty Training (feel the sarcasm)
  3. Sunday Night: seeing the altars full of teenagers, and knowing God is working!
  4. Hearing my son sing at church
  5. My husband FINALLY mowing the yard
I finished up the book I was reading: Living with Confidence in a Chaotic World by David Jeremiah.  You can read my review if you like.  Just my humble opinion.  I am so glad to finally be done with it!  What shall I read next?  Hmmm......

Jellyfish is in a new Sunday School class at church and he loves it.  Before they started this class, he was in class with smaller children, and he really wasn't getting much out of it.  He loves his new teacher, and is really enjoying the class.  

He finished up his unit on birds this week.  I was disappointed we did not get to study the owl pellet, but maybe another time. He is memorizing John 1:1-5 this week...he memorized it when he was in 1st grade, but has forgotten it somewhat. 
So, what to expect in October....leaves covering the ground, long sleeves, hoodies, no more flip-flops (insert sigh), Halloween decor (Yuck: not at our house), farmers burning off corn fields...

What are you looking forward to in October?