Oct 16, 2010


Do you have weeks when you can't seem to get anything done?  Especially homeschool.  (Let's not even talk about my cruddy house...)

Jellyfish works a lot on his own, but if we're gone or sick, school work gets put on the back shelf.  I am a planner, and when you mess with my schedule, it can be UGLY!  

But, seriously, I have learned to embrace learning in unsuspecting places.  I have learned that just because a math worksheet takes an hour to complete...that doesn't necessarily mean learning has taken place.  

Are you that parent?  Do your kids take along schoolwork to the doctor's office?  Are your kids often seen in the yard digging for worms or hunting for pretty leaves?  The funniest thing is when someone ask your child how they like their teacher this year?  My son gets the funniest look on his face...he knows I'm watching to see what he's gonna say!

This week Jellyfish was so excited to go shopping with his grandparents...that I let him miss an afternoon of school.  (Am I bad, or what?)  Daddy had an appointment on Friday afternoon, so there goes another day.  We have to decide whether or not to do the surgery for Daddy's foot.  So prayer is needed.  

Millie is growing like a weed.  This a pic of her modeling her new jammies!  Look at that hair!
Millie stacked the blocks!
If you've missed me... 
I may have been neglecting my little blog a bit the last few weeks....but I've started doing some freelance writing.  It is important that I bring in some money to supplement my husband's income...so I am excited!

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