Dec 13, 2010

Review: Christian Kids Explore Biology

Christian Kids Explore Biology by Stephanie L. Redmond is an elementary Science curriculum with 35 lessons on various subjects such as cells, plants, trees, animals, and humans. The units are designed so that each lesson is completed in one week, thus making the book last the whole school year.

Each lesson includes teaching time and hands on time. Each unit includes a coloring page and test. Activities, memory work, worksheets, and extra reading materials may also be used to complement each unit.

The last section in the book contains appendixes( a-h) for the teacher: Reproducible forms and maps, memory and reference lists, scripture memory cards, ABC book instructions, coloring pages, recipes and supplemental activities, answer key, and suggested further reading.

Pros and Cons: 

(I’ll let you decide which are pros and which are cons)

  • It's written from a Christian perspective.
Quote lesson 32: “God created sharks with features that make them great hunters.” Quote lesson 19: “Humans also have the ability to love God. Not only can humans love God, they also can sin against God.”

  • Conversational style writing (not so textbooky-is that a word?)
  • Easy to read and understand (for those of us who are NOT science geeks)
  • Not flashy!  Although the cover is quite colorful…the pages inside are white with black print…not a hint of color!
  • Simple, but effective, drawings that give the reader better understanding of the text (examples: human skeleton, plant parts, ant, etc.)
  • Suggested readings at the end of book…lots of great suggestions, but unless you have an eXcEpTiOnAl lending library close…you will spend some big bucks on these extra books.  It’s better to use what you can find at your local library or online.
  • Geared toward 3rd-6th grade (I used it with my 4th grader…no complaints in that area)
  • 35 lessons (designed to complete 1 per week)
  • Scripture used is not KJV version...which is not obvious until you buy it…although the scripture is not generally included in lessons (there’s a scripture verse written at the side of the page on some lessons)
  • Paperback; Not in binder form…so it’s hard to make copies of the reproducible pages
My Thoughts:

We did not follow the course exactly...and that's the beauty of it! You can tweak it to fit your needs. The writer says you can use it for younger children just by making a few changes. We did TWO lessons per week and completed the course in half a year. Now we're moving on to Chemistry...maybe! I haven't decided for sure yet! 

I wish the graphics were a little more appealing! They give us an amazingly colorful cover, then you open the book to.......lots of black and white. Better graphics could take this curriculum over the top!

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