Jan 10, 2011

Snow Days, Breakdowns, and Changes

Snow Days:Should homeschoolers get them?  
That is the question I face today...as we awoke to our ground covered with snow.  My husband (H.S. teacher) is home today because school was cancelled. When daddy is home, its hard for Jellyfish to focus. But...I shall not give in! 

So, we are doing the best we can to get our work done. Jellyfish seems to be having more breakdowns this year. He gets frustrated so easily (especially in math)...its not that the work is too hard, he just doesn't want any help, and gets easily aggravated. When I try to help him, he starts crying.  I'm still trying to figure that one out. 

Okay, so it seems like all homeschoolers (on a similar schedule) make changes over Christmas break. Probably because it all seems to start going downhill in January.  Excitement starts waning, curriculum is not new anymore, and your schedule is boring. 

So, I'm trying to figure out what changes to make. I like our schedule, with our Fun Fridays. I like (most) of our curriculum. We finished Biology, and are starting Christian Kids Explore Chemistry. We have been doing Discovery Spanish, but we're getting ready to start the Rosetta Stone, which I am mighty excited about. Other than that...no major changes. Maybe we'll do a couple of lapbooks or units to change it up a bit!

So even though there is snow on the ground, no snow day for Jellyfish....sad, sad, sad.  
Check back for some cool ideas for snow day activities....

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