Feb 2, 2011

What Makes a School Great?

What Makes a School Great?

This was the title on the front of Time magazine for the September issue.  The subtitle printed on a school bus full of kids states: "It all starts with the
teachers."  I knew immediately I would not like this article.

Why? Maybe its because I'm a former teacher.  Maybe its because I believe America's problems start in the home.  Maybe its because I think government is too big and needs to butt out.

Whatever my reasoning, our problems in the classroom DO NOT lay solely on teachers.  America apparently agrees, because when asked in a poll what would increase student performance in the classroom, more involved parents came in first at 52%.  More effective teachers came in second with 24% of votes.

What about homeschoolers? Did you know that only 25% of homeschoolers have both parents working? While public school students have nearly 50% of both parents working. Income levels didn't change much between families in the study.* Homeschoolers outscored their public school peers by over 30%!** I'm not arguing the "working mom vs. stay at home mom" argument...I'm just saying it's all about the family! 

If more families focused on parent involvement in their kid's lives, you would see its effects in the public school system. Behavior would be much better because kids would have consistent discipline and enough attention at home to suffice them. Academic scores would be higher because kids would have studied with parents the night before, had good quality meals, and encouragement from parents who value education. And that's just the beginning!

Teachers could focus on the fundamentals instead of "higher order thinking skills", character ed programs, nutrition, sex ed, and other things that should be taught in the home. 

 So, the moral here is: it's all about the family! It doesn't matter how much money your school district has....or how many great teachers they have....or how well your kids do on government imposed standardized assessments.

Family and community is the core of a great school. Let's stop blaming teachers for our problems, and focus on our family, which involves putting God first in our homes. 

That's my soapbox...thanks for listening!


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