Mar 8, 2011

Missionary Unit: Gladys Aylward

Gladys Aylward was a relatively unknown missionary that ministered to the Chinese people in the 1930s. This lady faced enormous difficulty and overcame many challenges to serve God. She ministered to the people of China during a time of war. 

We are doing a unit on her and reading a book about her! It's very interesting and Jellyfish is totally into it!

Gladys Aylward: Daring to Trust (Heroes for Young Readers)
It's very informative...but written in poem style. It's a little below my 4th graders level.
 I wish I had order this one:
Gladys Aylward: No Mountain Too High

I think it would have been more grade appropriate.

You could totally do this unit without the book...especially if you have access to the internet. 
Jellyfish learned all about foot binding, which was quite interesting.

Here's my Jellyfish modeling his book!
We're also planning on watching this movie very soon! Yay!
Torchlighters: The Gladys Aylward Story

Have a great week!


Unknown said...

great info you have and thanks for presenting it!

LLR said...

This was really a FUN unit! And informative!