Mar 9, 2011

Toddlers: Magnetic Paper Dolls

Keeping a toddler busy while you homeschool...or do anything for that matter is nearly impossible. It doesn't seem to matter if they have a WHOLE room full of toys. My little pesky girl (pic below) wants to be right in the middle of whatever we're doing!
    Can you see the orneriness in those blue eyes?
 She'll be 2 on Saturday...

But there's hope....she loves to draw, write, color...just about anything that is school like. She has her own chair at our big desk in our school room (which I've moved around a few times since this post). 
So, like every other mom out there, I'm on the lookout for cheap, creative learning tools. Here is my pick of the week: 

       Magnetic doll set from the Dollar General Store
The set is only ONE DOLLAR. It comes with a "baby" and lots of clothes....pants, shorts, shirts, dresses, and even boots.

 Millie would say "No-no, her nay-nay!" 
(translation: Oh, No, she's naked!")

Then she would say shirt, boots and so on as she dressed her. It was great for her vocabulary as well as her hand eye coordination and motor control. We also practiced colors...where's the blue dress, or the purple shirt, etc. She's getting really good at her colors!
If you have a Dollar General Store near you, I recommend you stop by and see what they have. I generally buy several of these because little fingers are not very gentle. If you want one that's a little sturdier, try this wooden one for $10 bucks.

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