Apr 4, 2011

6 Weeks of School Left

As a mom, I always feel excited that the school year is coming to an end. As a teacher, there's that brief moment of panic that rears it ugly head. Have we covered everything we could have? Have we covered everything we should have? Have I missed something important? Will my 4th grader remember what he learned next year? Will we make it through our curriculum, or at least the important parts? 

When I really get to thinking about those questions, I realize there's no way I can give the right answer to all of them. The important thing I need to ask is: Did I teach the curriculum or the child? I realize that all of my current curriculum was chosen with his interests and needs in mind. I have prayed, prepared, recorded, reenacted, demonstrated, displayed, and many other verbs throughout the year, and I feel good about that. The last 6 weeks, we will hit the major areas, and throw in lots of review. Here our some things we will focus on:

1. Math: multiplying fractions, graphs, decimals, equations, intro to Geometry
2. Bible: continue with memorization and Bible journal
3. Spelling: continue in Abeka
4. Reading: curriculum is done; find more fun units to do
5. LA: adverbs, prepositions
6. Science: finish Chemistry
7. History: finish the Mystery of History...working toward the resurrection

Every moment of every day is a learning/teaching opportunity.

What's your plan for the rest of the school year?

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