Apr 28, 2011

Homeschool Highlights: The Flood of 2011

This has been an interesting two weeks. This is one of those times in our life that we will not soon forget. We, here in Missouri, have had our share of rain, storms, floods, and tornadoes through the years, but this last week and a half has just about topped it all. In our little town, we accumulated around a foot of rain. Many other towns around us had lots more. The rivers, canals, ditches, and ground are soaked and flooding over.
Many people have been evacuated and have lost everything they own. There were around 50 water rescues in a town near ours, but no reported deaths. We have much to be thankful for! You have to see some of the pics to get the full idea....
This is the back of our church building...

No...these are not pics of lakes. There is normally fields of corn, beans, and rice in place of the water. Makes you wonder how the farmers will survive this year.

In these pics, the water is almost up to the bridge. Several major highways have been closed in our area, making it very difficult to get around!

The good news is....we had our first sunny day today in about 10 days!  So hopefully the water will recede, and they can work on cleaning up homes and levees that have been destroyed.

So, say a prayer for those who have suffered loss this week, and be thankful for your blessings! I know I am!


Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

I lived in St Louis during the flood of 94 and remember spending time sand bagging. The rivers can be harsh!! I pray they receed soon!

MommyKuehner said...

I pray the waters receed soon. Those are some scary pictures that the water is that close. I am grateful that we haven't had to experience this. It would cause major anxiety issues for our son.

New follower to your blog. Enjoyed reading it.


LLR said...

Thanks for the follow guys! I'm following you back. I really enjoyed your blog. :)