Jun 24, 2011

June Highlights

Summer is an odd time of year...for us homeschoolers. We go by a more traditional school  year(from August to May), because my husband is a teacher. Here are some things we do in the summer:

Jun 17, 2011

Timberdoodle Review

If you've not heard of Timberdoodle, you are truly missing out! They offer educational games, curriculum, books, and lots more for all ages and all subjects. They even have some homeschooling articles on their website! I was blessed to receive a free puzzle from Timberdoodle to try out with my little one.

We received the blue uppercase Lauri A to Z puzzle. It retails for about $10. Remember the cheap foam lower case alphabet I bought for $1? This one is much better in a lot of ways. This puzzle comes with:
  • Blue upper case foam letters
  • Yellow foam for inserting letters
  • Laminated sheet with pictures for each letter
  • Plastic tray
  • Teacher's Guide
This puzzle is a great way to challenge your little ones and test their motor skills, matching abilities, and even letter recognition. My little one enjoyed the pictures behind the letters. She kept asking, "What's that?"

I have to say, I was not terribly crazy about the pictures they chose. For example, for letter O, they chose the owl. Owl is not a cut and dried "O" sounding word. You can see the deer beneath the letter D in the picture below. Some of the other pictures are jar, pizza, yo-yo, and icicle. 

I can tell this puzzle is much more durable than cheaper versions. The letters are a thinner, denser foam that seem to be able to endure some pain and torture from my two year old. 
Once she gets the puzzle together, I have to pop all of the letters out. She can't seem to take them out by herself yet. 
She is quite proud of herself when she gets it all together. It never gets old!
 This puzzle would be great for kids ages two up to kindergarten level. I recommend doing this puzzle everyday, and making it a point to sing the ABC song (or listen to Elmo sing it on YouTube). We've done this with my little one, and she can already sing the whole song by herself. It takes time, but repetition is the key! Don't give up!
So, go check out Timberdoodle!
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Jun 15, 2011

What's in the Garden...

Corn & Potatoes

I love to look at pics of other people's gardens and see what they're growing! Gardens are fun and can be quite an educational experience for the kids. Also, what better way to save money than by having a garden that produces fresh vegetables throughout the summer! Check out some pics of our garden!

Jun 8, 2011

June Happenings

The month of June has brought with it HOT temps and dry conditions. It was just a few short weeks ago, I was talking about the flooding. Now, we're bordering on drought conditions. Only in Missouri. You'd think we'd get used to it after so long. 

Our lilies are blooming, in lots of bright colors.

 This is zebra grass. It stays green during the winter, and starts to get its zebra stripes in the summer! In a few months, it will be as tall as the house!
 The Union Pacific steam engine came to our area, and we got to go see it. It was a very hot day, and there were lots of people, but it was interesting and fun for the kids. Here are some shots of the engine, passenger cars, and the men filling it with water.

We spent some time at the pond watching the ducks and turtles(and trying to stay away from the geese-those things terrify me). 

 The kids have been enjoying their smaller pool on these hot days.  BIG smile! 

See ya next time!